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Divorce Is The Most Complex Financial Transaction In Your Life

Fees and Payments

We recognize that in order to provide the highest quality legal representation for our clients, we need to apply our legal expertise and knowledge and spend an adequate amount of time providing personalized service, so that each client’s legal needs are fully met.

Divorce is one of the largest financial burdens a client will experience in their lifetime but it does not have to ruin your financial future. We will help prepare you to achieve the most equitable settlement in the fairest, fastest time.

We also understand that the costs of legal representation, especially in areas so vitally important as are often encountered in family law cases, often strain or even break many family budgets. Should you decide to have us represent you, and we agree to take your case, the total costs will depend upon what kind of case it is, how difficult the case will be, and how long it will take.

We charge an hourly rate, as explained in detail below, and, in order to minimize expenses and maximize economy, we use legal assistants who bill at a much lower rate, under strict supervision of our attorneys, to handle more routine matters. We understand you are coming to us because of our ability to represent you effectively and to the best of our abilities, and while we remain cost-conscious, we do not do so at the expense of effective representation.

To ensure a productive working relationship, if you have any concerns about our Firm please bring it immediately to our attention.

Legal Fees

Please refer to the employment contract for specific discussion on fees. Our office charges hourly for the time spent on your case whether it is for telephone calls, meetings, travel, drafting, correspondence or court appearances. Before work can begin, we request a retainer and a signed contract. Our Firm charges its clients on an hourly basis for services performed.


Allison Jones  $525.00 per hour

Associate Attorneys

Associate Attorney II $325.00 per hour
Associate Attorney I   $175.00 per hour


$150.00 per hour

Other personnel working on case-related matters $50.00-$100.00 per hour

We will make every effort to provide you with the highest quality of legal services, while trying to keep your actual fees and costs to a minimum. You can help us to accomplish this by paying for services prior to finalizing your divorce. You will receive an invoice on approximately the first day of each month. Please review the statement carefully. If you have questions regarding the charges, please call or email the Finance Manager within 15 days of receipt of the invoice. Payment in full is expected at the time of invoice. You will be responsible for replenishing your account and maintaining the minimum balance agreed upon in the contract. Additional retainers may be required for mediation, depositions, hearings and trial. Any other questions should be directed to your attorney.


In an effort to keep your fees to a minimum, we encourage you to utilize some or all of the following suggestions:

  1. Whenever possible, save all questions for one call; keep a list of your questions and have them with you when you contact us.
  2. Call for the legal assistants first. Most of the time they can help you with your problem, which can cut your legal fees in half since the legal assistants’ hourly rate is less expensive than the attorney rates.
  3. Use e-mail for as many of your questions as possible. We check our Firm email throughout the day. Our Firm address is info@familylawoffices.com.
  4. You may fax our Firm at 713-861-1010. In this manner you may let us know a new development in your case or fax us questions you would like answered.
  5. If you tell legal assistants details, do not call back and tell the attorney the same matter. We use a chronologic system much like a doctor’s chart. When you tell our legal assistant about a situation, it will be logged, placed on your file and reviewed by the attorney at the end of the day. When you tell various staff member’s duplicate information, it only serves to increase your attorney’s fees.

The Firm makes no representations, promises or guarantees as to the outcome of your case. Furthermore, it is impossible to anticipate in advance, the amount of time that will be required to work on your case.

The most common reason for divorce is a lack of communication between husband and wife. This reason also holds true in any professional relationship, which includes your relationship with this Firm. Therefore, please make every effort to keep the lines of communication open between yourself and our staff.


You will receive an invoice of all work performed on your case on approximately the first of each month. Please review the statement carefully. If you have questions regarding the charges, please call the office within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. Full payment is expected at the time of invoice. You will be responsible for replenishing your retainer account and maintaining the minimum balance agreed upon in your contract.